Boston Pizza prints its own holiday catalogue

Featuring 20 pizza- and partner-inspired products, the restaurant is trying to build a stronger association with the season.


Featuring a design reminiscent of the classic Sears Wish Book, the pages features over 20 products inspired by pizza. Some of them are the kind of retro gifts that fit the concept – like ViewMasters or sleds with pizza slices for skis – but others are a take on more recent gift trends, like fidget spinners, robot vacuums and Elf on a Shelf (“Pep on a Step”).

WishList - all pages

There are also products inspired by Boston Pizza’s beverage partners, such as a stocking-shaped Budweiser glass, a pepperoni rimmer to garnish a glass of Bacardi or pizza-shaped whiskey stones to be enjoyed with Wiser’s.

billboardA number of the printed catalogues are being sent out through direct mail. The wider campaign features OOH and paid social ads for specific Wish List products, driving to a website where a digital version of the catalgoue lives.

James Kawalecki, VP of marketing at Boston Pizza, says the effort is a tongue-in-cheek way to touch on the very real “deep emotional connection” that many people formed with flipping through holiday catalogues that has been lost in the digital age.

“We wanted to tap into those nostalgic feelings and put our messaging right into that headspace, but in a Boston Pizza way,” he says.

Last year, Boston Pizza spent the holidays focusing on extending its “BP Classics” program, which brought fan-favourite limited-time menu items back to drive take-out sales. Now, it is returning to more explicit holiday marketing, previously seen in things like a caroling pizza box. While many people eat pizza during the hectic days of the holiday season, Cam Boyd, creative director at John St., points out that there isn’t a strong association between the two, and these campaigns have been an effort to change that.

The campaign is also the latest in a long line of pizza and dining “innovations” created by John St. that have become hallmarks of Boston Pizza’s marketing in recent years, such as guides to returning to patio dining, weighted napkins and mini patio sets.