Nickson courts busy millennials in first campaign

The furniture-as-a-service company shows off its brand promise as it prepares for expansion to new markets.

Toronto agency Round has found a way to seize on the brand proposition of U.S. furniture-as-a-service company Nickson in its first integrated campaign.

Called “Yes. Everything,” the campaign emphasizes Nickson’s accessibility and ease of use – as well as its promise to deliver fully-furnished spaces to busy professionals at a reasonable fee.

The campaign is built around a 30-second spot featuring the different kinds of clientele Nickson is courting, before showing an empty room that is gradually filled with furniture and decor. The service primarily targets younger working professionals with highly mobile careers, including athletes, lawyers and others who can afford the lease on an expensive condo or apartment but might not have the time or desire to furnish it themselves. That spot is supported by shorter ads showcasing different styles of room being brought together by the service piece by piece.

“Nickson has an interesting business model that really taps into millennial behaviour,” says Mike Davidson, Round’s founder. “We really had to understand that behaviour – particularly in the U.S., where you have young professionals who are moving around all of the time.”

“These people want to travel lean, but they want a nice place to live,” he adds.

In addition to the primary spot, targeted digital and social ads turn the concept of “Yes. Everything.” on its head by showing some of the clever things Nickson won’t provide – such as an animatronic T-rex head.

Round has created plenty of assets for Nickson which are intended to be used as a “toolkit” the Texas-based startup can roll out in any city as it continues expanding into other major markets. The company announced last year, along with $12 million in funding, plans to expand to several new cities by this summer.