McCann Canada named AOR for Xplornet

The rural-focused ISP is planning aggressive expansion and has tapped the agency to help elevate its brand.

Internet service provider Xplornet Communications Inc. has selected McCann Canada as its strategic and creative AOR.

McCann was selected after a series of consultations with the ISP’s head of marketing and CEO. The agency’s mandate is to help Xplornet, which is Canada’s largest rural-focused broadband provider, elevate its brand. It will develop an elevated strategic and creative approach for the ISP and help it build more meaningful connections with its customers.

The ISP is looking to aggressively grow its business and expand its fibre-to-the-home and 5G broadband networks. In the process, it is enlisting McCann to help develop its brand strategy and marketing campaigns.

“We needed a smart, creative agency to partner with us for the next phase of our journey,” explained Arax Coperman, VP of consumer marketing for Xplornet. “We were impressed by McCann’s strategic prowess from day one; what we found particularly appealing is the agency’s understanding of the unique needs of rural Canadians across the country. That matters – because that’s the heart of who we are.”

“As an agency, we feel very connected to Xplornet’s purpose. Our agency’s work over the years for clients like Bayer CropScience and Petro-Canada has helped us develop a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the 16% of Canadians who choose not to live in cities. It’s a different way of life and one that we connect with,” added Ryan Timms, president of McCann Canada. “If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that high speed internet is more important than ever for every Canadian no matter where they are – connectivity inequality is unacceptable.”

The first new work resulting from the assignment will be introduced later this year.