Hershey backs Cookies ‘N’ Creme with first campaign since 2018

After losing ground in the category, the CPG co is working with creative artists to rejuvenate the brand for a younger crowd.


Hershey is looking to rekindle interest in its Cookies ‘N’ Creme sub brand with a new campaign that leans on self-expression, as well as platforms like TikTok, in order to reach a younger consumer. 

The chocolate, which has been around since the ’90s, is being supported by “The Sweetest Collab Ever,” the first creative for Cookies ‘N’ Creme since 2018.

The campaign is built around the pairing of Cookies X Creme and “collabs that inspire other collabs” – for example, a rapper who freestyles around the letters that spell out “Hershey,” and an artist who customizes a skateboard with Cookies ‘N’ Creme brand colours and incorporates wrappers into the design. 

Luis Pérez Martín, marketing manager for Hershey’s Megabrand, tells strategy that the positioning is informed by research around Cookies ‘N’ Creme buyers and their hobbies, explaining that the confectionery is something consumers enjoy when engaging in creative pursuits. 

Pérez Martín adds that it was important to the brand to highlight people who make things, rather than influencers.


While other brands in Hershey’s portfolio have been linked to gaming, he tells strategy that Cookies ‘N’ Creme‘s positioning is built around creative passions, with artists, photographers, videographers, musicians and stylists highlighting the brand’s “be yourself, express yourself” ethos on youth-oriented social and digital platforms like TikTok.

Brittany Chopra (Satey), senior marketing manager, Hershey’s Megabrand & Chipits says rejuvenating Cookies ‘N’ Creme is something the company has wanted to do for a while, and that consumers needed to be reminded of its value proposition, especially given that competitors have unveiled similar products, for example, Mars’ Twix Cookies & Creme, and Mondelēz’ Dairy Milk Oreo bar.

“Back in 2018, [Cookies ‘N’ Creme] was a solidified favourite for Canadians,” explains Chopra. It was previously under the Hershey masterbrand and was supported by an umbrella strategy, but the company found that the approach took it out of the spotlight and the product ended up losing ground in the category.

Hershey has been involved in several flavour innovations of late, and recently crowd-sourced ideas for the launch of three new bars, teaming up with platform Crowdiate. And while that didn’t directly influence the development of the current campaign, the success of similar SKU Cookies ‘N’ Mint gave Hershey the confidence that a campaign built around boosting Cookies ‘N’ Creme’s fortunes could work. 

Anomaly handled the creative, while UM led the media buy.