Eco- and health-friendly innovations resonate most with consumers

Brandspark's survey reveals what's most likely to get someone to try a new product.

healthy-appleAccording to BrandSpark’s latest Best New Product Awards, attitudes towards health, wellness and sustainability remain some of the most prominent factors in consumers trying out something new.

The results from 12,000 Canadians voting on the latest beauty, health, personal care, food, beverage, household, home goods and pet products in 77 categories can be found at the bottom of this story.

But the polling also looked into what exactly consumers are looking for in their new products. It revealed that 73% of household shoppers report they like trying new products. Also, 47% are actively looking for products that are new and different, with 60% of shoppers reporting they will pay more for a new product they believe might provide a better experience.

Great (premium) taste at home

According to BrandSpark data, 80% of shoppers agree that taste is the most important driver of food purchases, a trend that is reflected particularly well by the fact that more Canadians are trying more premium products. The report says the premium innovation trend is exemplified by several of this year’s top scoring products: Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Almond Stuffed with Skor bar, Toblerone Ice Cream and Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Dark Edition.

A long-term view on “better-for-you”

With 60% of shoppers saying they are trying healthier versions of their favorite indulgences, products such as Del Monte Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bars, Healthy Crunch Strawberry Chia Jam and Haagen-Dazs Divine have been able to marry the importance of taste with a desire to eat healthier.

Under protracted lockdowns, new supplements that promote long-term health are also resonating with consumers: Jamieson’s Turmeric Gummies and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are among this year’s highest scoring products.

A heightened focus on well-being beyond simple nutrition is continuing – and it’s having an impact outside of food and beverage categories. Comfort, BrandSpark reports, is what propelled Endy to wins for its new sofa and pillow lines, along with a new mattress from rival brand Casper.

Cannabis products were also among the highest scores in this year’s program, which Brandspark’s survey attributes not just to cannabis-infused products becoming more mainstream, but also to consumers using them to help with well-being and relaxation. Truss’ Little Victory Lemonade and Canopy’s Deep Space Limon Splashdown were winners in beverage categories, with other high-scoring innovations including Nuveev’s CBD-infused face moisturizer.


Green concerns are still top of mind. When making their picks in this year’s survey, 57% of respondents made their decision because it had more sustainable packaging than competitors, with 64% saying it was because it had more sustainable ingredients.

“We’ve seen sustainability become increasingly important to consumers. They believe it is a manufacturers’ responsibility to make their products more sustainable, but they welcome products that are better for the environment as long as the experience doesn’t suffer and the price is similar,” says Philip Scrutton, VP of shopper insights at BrandSpark.

Below is the complete list of Best New Product Award Winners: