Are you creative enough to be cryogenically frozen?

The Marketing Awards is marking its 100-year history by offering to freeze one of Canada's top creatives in time.

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The Marketing Awards is launching a search for a subject worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity ripped right out of science fiction – cryogenically freezing Canada’s top creative mind.

The stunt was conceived by Zulu Alpha Kilo to celebrate the show’s 100-year-long history. Established in 1922, The Marketing Awards is one of the longest-running advertising and design awards shows in the world, predating even the Cannes Lions.

Any past Marketing Award Gold winner is eligible to apply for cryogenic freezing by filling out an application where they will be asked questions such as “How big is your ego on a scale from 1-10?” and “How many Cannes yacht parties have you crashed?”

The 100th anniversary is also being supported by a campaign that includes the social video, “Inside the jury room,” where judges debate various campaigns with the “M” trophy switching between Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit awards as each juror contributes to the debate. Satirical print and web banners round out the effort, poking fun at the lengthy history of the show.

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“We wanted to do something special to celebrate the 100th year of The Marketing Awards,” said Mary Maddever, EVP, editorial director at Brunico, which oversees the show. “This campaign pays tribute to the show’s history, while looking forward to the next 100 years of Canadian advertising.”

The deadline for entry to The Marketing Awards is Feb. 18. The show will be held in June.