GoodLife flexes its variety for post-pandemic consumers

With gyms allowed to open once again, the brand is highlighting everything it has to offer, both digitally and in-person.


Gyms in Ontario are reopening once again and GoodLife Fitness has launched a campaign to encourage people to come back to its facilities.

The campaign, “Get You Back,” is built around the idea of what GoodLife represents to its customers – namely a safe space, staffed by knowledgeable professionals and equipped with everything they need to lead a healthier, happier life.

“People have goals that they want to accomplish, but there’s also a lot of satisfaction and good feeling that comes from just moving and going to the gym more regularly,” explains Jason Sheridan, COO for GoodLife Fitness. “After we entered the pandemic and it became more difficult to access the gym, the value of it was magnified. The pandemic has put us into a position where the benefits of a gym are even more top-of-mind.”

The spot features 15 GoodLife associates and a series of quick cuts to various workout routines utilizing a wide array of equipment, including the company’s on-demand digital offering in a home workout space.

“Through the pandemic, we’ve all been forced out of necessity to opt for digital experiences, at home and on our own. Now that we’re open and there’s a choice, we really believe that people are going to want a combination,” Sheridan explains. “We wanted to feature that in the campaign by showing how you can get the GoodLife experience at home or you can come to the club – but we believe that the club is the space people are craving the most right now.”

“Most of all, we wanted to show our people,” adds Melissa Seaman, director of brand and creative with the company. That’s because “the associates are such an important part of what GoodLife is,” says Sheridan – and they’ve worked hard to adapt to the changing regulations and restrictions of the pandemic.

The campaign launched in full on Jan. 31 and will run until the spring across radio, digital video, audio and display, social, search, OOH and the GoodLife TV in-gym network. It was developed by the company’s internal marketing and creative team with producer Brett Hill of Toupee and director Alexander Sworik of Echelon Creative Studio.