Canadian creatives may be among the best-paid globally

But the data from recruitment platform Sortlist also finds that doesn't necessarily mean the country is the best place to work.
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People working at Canada’s creative, design and digital shops are paid well for their talents compared to their counterparts in other countries.

That’s according to insights from Sortlist, a recruitment website focused on the creative and marketing industries. It used a combination of data collected from its platform throughout 2021, combined with publicly available and self-reported salary and cost of living data. For the purpose of the report, creative industries included advertising, design, brand strategy, website creation, digital strategy, app design, social media and ecommerce.

The data revealed that Canada rounds out the top ten globally when it comes to salaries, just behind Spain in ninth and Australia in eighth, while the list was topped by the U.S., Finland and Denmark.

While the $5,176 CAD monthly average for Canadian creatives was higher than some other countries higher than the list, the rankings were determined based on cost of living as a percentage of salary – and Canadians clock in at 21.85%. That’s a large gap from the top countries on the list – in the U.S., that rate is 15.05%.

Though Canadians rank high on the salary list, it drops down when Sortlist brings in other data to determine the best country for creatives to work overall. When considering factors like number of places to work, average budgets agencies are working with, team size and review rankings on the Sortlist platform, Canada, ranks at 41st, behind Taiwan and Nepal and ahead of Italy and Tunisia.

Sortlist also found that mobile apps are the most in-demand digital industry, followed by website creation and PR.