Koho gets real with Canadians about their money

Instead of the dreams big banks sell clients, the fintech is focusing on relatable financial plights they deal with every day.

Jahte - Strategy Asset

A new campaign from Koho is lampooning financial realities that have become too familiar to Canadians – particularly millennials and Gen Z – in modern life.

The campaign, titled “Made for Your Money,” centres on a 30-second spot that showcases several of the horror stories that many Canadians are facing, from unfair and stagnant wages to rising costs of living and increasingly unattainable home ownership. By keeping the message grounded in reality, the fintech company is looking to differentiate itself from larger financial institutions and other players in the space that are selling people on dreams.

“We wanted a campaign that reflects the financial truths of the everyday Canadian; whether it’s being underpaid, having to pay more for groceries than ever before, or trying to build credit when they don’t have any,” explains Alexandru Otrezov, CMO at Koho. “We want them to know that we’re not here to sell them a financial dream, we’re here to help them through their reality.”

“We knew that the more culturally relevant we could be, the more people could see themselves in the work and the better our chances would be at breaking through and being distinct from the category,” says Frank Macera, recently named group CD at Taxi. “It’s refreshing to see a brand talk about finances the way real people talk, and it helps built trust that Koho really is made for their money.”

This was the first campaign for Koho from Taxi, which won the fintech’s AOR assignment in January with the mandate to help it develop a new brand platform. There are “many more [campaigns] to come, as we work together to change category perceptions and enhance the lives of Canadians,” says Emma Toth, president of Taxi Canada.

The campaign launched nationally on March 21 in all major English markets, with the 30-second spot and 15- and 6-second cutdowns, as well as digital OOH and boarding in Canada’s busiest city centres. Media was handled by Koho’s in-house team.