Desjardins Group sticks with Bleublancrouge, Glassroom

The Humanise Collective agencies will continue to work with the financial services co-op, a partnership first formed in 2018.

Desjardins Group has renewed its partnership with Humanise Collective agencies Bleublancrouge and Glassroom.

Bleublancrouge and Glassroom have been working with the financial services co-op since the former won its AOR assignment in 2018, handling its strategy and creative, while engaging fellow Humanise Collective agencies to handle the media work. The selection came as Desjardins prepared for a marketing transformation that saw it harnessing data collected through its service lines to better “enrich the lives” of its clients.

Desjardins solidified the media assignment with Glassroom two years later.

In addition to that data integration project, the agencies helped to create original campaigns for the Group’s various service lines, including work for its “Goodspark Fund,” its youth initiative support program “Together for Our Youth,” and Desjardins Insurance.

“Bleublancrouge and Glassroom had a major impact on accelerating our marketing transformation and mutual media internalization project, making Desjardins more effective and consistent when it came to strategic thinking and the way campaigns were rolled out across the country,” says Sylvain Marcoux, director of marketing, media, donations, sponsorships and brand at Desjardins.

When the agency was initially given the assignment, there were plans in place to form “a new type of partnership” where the agency would work closely with an internal team at the organization, Stephane Morency, then-VP of strategy, marketing and personal services for Desjardins, said. That hybrid model has developed over the years since the relationship formed.

“We’ve come a long way in the past few years to prove that an innovative hybrid model can be implemented that positions media and marketing expertise as an essential strategic element within the organization,” said Dave Gourde, partner and president at Glassroom.