Butterfinger has a crispety, crunchety shopper campaign

The brand's return to Canada focuses on the differentiation that comes with its recipe and ready-to-go credentials.


Nineties kids will know it by its Bart Simpson-linked catchphrase “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!” but now the brand’s attributes are front and centre as it reaches out to those who who may be unfamiliar with the candy, especially in Canada.  

Instead of a slogan spouted by a global pop culture phenomenon, the confectionery is returning to market by zeroing in its “crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery” flavour, which are also key aspects of its long-standing brand positioning and heritage, according to Marcela Pedroza, marketing director for Butterfinger at Ferrero Canada.

Focusing on its taste and texture across its marketing collateral, she says, will help differentiate Butterfingers in a highly competitive everyday chocolate bar category.

shelf blade Butterfinger“Shopper marketing and point-of-sale material is a critical component to raising awareness and supporting the brand at store level,” Pedroza says. “Right now, we’re supporting with shelf blades and branded shelf display, and we will continue to add more shopper marketing activations later in the year.”

Shelf blades highlight the bar’s improved recipe and “ready to go” snack proposition, in addition to the “crispety” slogan.

“Although peanut butter may not be a unique flavour, we believe that our ‘crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery’ taste really sets us apart,” Pedroza claims.

Butterfinger has been back in the Canadian market since last year and now that Ferrero has built distribution, it’s also supporting the brand with sampling and a full marketing plan, including OLV, social media, wild postings and e-commerce.

In March, Ferrero Canada sent QR-code activated Butterfinger vending machines to the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier, Western and Ryerson campuses to drive awareness, identifying students as a key demo and positioning the candy as a study aid. 

“Our demographic is highly social, so we’re pairing our online presence with wild postings across the GTA but we’ll be expanding across others markets throughout the year,” Pedroza explains. “This allows us to reach our target and build brand awareness through various touchpoints.”

Along with the trialing being done on campuses, the brand will be looking to add more sampling throughout the spring at key events and destinations, reaching even more people.

Ferrero is working with Piro, Golin, PHD and Proof as its agency partners.