Moosehead has a beer with your name on it

The brewer leans into its working class roots by giving people a customized can for accomplishments they are proud of.


Moosehead is giving new meaning to the phrase “name brand recognition,” giving people a chance to get a can customized with their own name.

But beyond being a simple giveaway, the campaign is also reinforcing the work ethic that has been key to the brewer’s brand.

Set on-location at a brewery, the hero spot shows a brew master explaining how, whether they’ve built a deck, finished a degree or learned a new skill, people can take a photo of their accomplishment and tag the brand on social. If they’ve earned it, Moosehead will send them a tall can with their name on it.

“This campaign is rooted in the idea that there’s no better tasting beer than one you’ve earned. That’s why ‘I’ve got a beer with your name on it’ is such a common colloquialism,” explains Trevor Grant, VP of sales and marketing at Moosehead Breweries. “We’ve all said it in an attempt to convince our friends to help us move, or build a deck or do us any number of favours. We thought it was time to take that line a bit more literally.”

The personalization campaign is built around flagship beer, Moosehead Lager, but the underlying strategy also reflects the corporate brand, Grant says.

Moosehead’s customer base is defined by a mindset more than any set of demographic characteristics, Grant says.

“We believe that Moosehead drinkers, like Moosehead brewers, are independent thinkers who avoid the trappings of image consciousness, have a strong work ethic, and love to reward themselves and others for a job well done,” he says. That has been reflected in Moosehead’s perception as a “working class” beer, which the brand has leaned into with things like “union made” being featured on its packaging.

“Beer With Your Name On It” is the first work for the brand by Conflict, which recently took over as Moosehead’s creative agency.

Conflict is the AOR for Moosehead’s core portfolio, which includes Moosehead Radler, Cracked Canoe and James Ready in addition to flagship beer Moosehead Lager. Creative work on these brands is starting to roll out and first included the sold-out Cargo “Pints”/ pants launched under its James Ready brand earlier this month. The “Beer With Your Name On It” campaign is the agency’s first for Moosehead Lager, and includes TV, digital and social media.

Craft Public Relations is leading PR and influencer relations for the campaign, including coordinating partnerships with three top YouTube “Makers,” who will create instructional video content designed to inspire and educate DIYers ready to tackle a new project. Media is being handled by Media Experts.

The media mix is designed to reach drinkers where they are, all summer long. And according to Grant, it’s prioritized media opportunities that would let it showcase and celebrate the real heroes of this campaign: the amazing Canadians who are getting things done.

“We’re making significant investments in this campaign and we’re looking forward to setting ourselves up for an amazing summer,” Grant says. “The spend is on par with what we would traditionally invest against the brand in this timeframe.”