How Nic Laloux is enticing Gen Z with vintage POS

From Shopper Marketing Report: The Arterra wine is targeting social bohemians with pastel colours and cycling giveaways.

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Arterra is opting for a vintage-cool approach for its Nicolas Laloux brand wines as it targets Gen Z consumers in Quebec this summer.

In order to stand out during a key summer consumption period and to ensure impactful in-store visibility, the winery is continuing its personification of “Nic,” the “svelte,” old-timey cyclist that is close to the brand’s personality and part of its logo.

The brand is inviting users to “pass the summer with Nic” on its bottle neck tag and supplemental display messaging, with a further enticement of a cycling-ready fanny pack gift with purchase, rendered in white to stand out against the yellow and peach pastel backdrop.

Users, once they get a fanny pack with the purchase of two bottles, are then invited to participate in a social contest to win a collection of pins to personalize their bags.

The agency Bob designed and developed the shopper marketing campaign, capable of living both inside and outside the store, and tied to social media.


Last year, the brand asked social media users to speculate about who Nic Laloux actually is, part of a summer scavenger hunt campaign. 

Gladys Kounkou, account director for Bob, tells strategy that conjecture about Nic’s personality quickly generated interest among the target demo, amassing more than 1,500 new followers in less than a month.

“Keeping the momentum during 2022 is key,” she explains.

According to Kounkou, light, pastel colours were chosen to tap into that “vintage-cool” look and that “French summer aura.” But it’s also a palette that is appealing to the target, someone young, who lives in the moment, wants to have fun, socialize as often as possible and is attached to current trends and social media.

According to the agency, Nic Laloux is the cool bohemian brand of the summer, a fun wine bought by budget-conscious shoppers for social gatherings, parties in the park or around a good barbecue.

Nicolas Laloux is sold across all banners in Quebec, but the promotion is focused on IGA, Provigo and Metro – the more popular banners and where the brand has a bigger floor space, Kounkou notes

The promo material outside the store was covered by YHP, which also conducted research to solicit Quebec influencers.

To adopt the language of its Gen Z target, the agency says Instagram and TikTok have been effective tools to convey the
convivial message of being “part of the Nic Gang.”

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