Rethink wins Yellow Pencil at day two of D&AD

Zulu Alpha Kilo, Juniper Park\TBWA and FCB/Six also added to their hauls on the second day of the awards.
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After an impressive showing on day one, Canadian agencies added to their tallies on the second day of the D&AD Awards.

Chief among them was Rethink winning a hard-to-come-by Yellow Pencil for its work on new branding for the National Magazine Awards.

The branding system, created for the awards’ 44th edition last year, aimed to capture a wide breadth of topics and publications by distilling the medium of the magazine down to its simplest form: its spine. The minimalist approach was used across ads for the awards, within the awards annual, on merchandise and on its website.

Rethink also won another Graphite Pencil for “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club,” as well as one for Decalthon’s “Ability Signs.”

Zulu Alpha Kilo also added to its day one awards, winning two Graphite Pencils and one Wood for Pfaff Harley-Davidson’s “Tough Turban,” as well as another Graphite for “The Micropedia of Microagressions.”

Juniper Park\TBWA added an additional Graphite Pencil for “Signals for Help” after winning a Yellow Pencil on the awards’ first day, while FCB/Six picked up another Graphite for its work on Walmart’s “Bedtime Stories.”

All of the wins from Canadian agencies, including those from the awards’ first day, can be found below.

Rethink: 1 Yellow, 3 Graphite, 1 Wood


National Magazine Awards, “National Magazine Awards Branding”
Branding – Campaign Branding


Decalthon, “Ability Signs”
Graphic Design – Environmental

Over the Bridge, “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club”
Entertainment – Audio
Radio & Audio – Entertainment


IKEA, “The Cristiano Bottle”
E-commerce – Social

Juniper Park\TBWA: 1 Yellow, 1 Graphite


Canadian Women’s Foundation, “Signal For Help”
PR – Established Campaigns


Canadian Women’s Foundation, “Signal For Help”
Impact – Sustained Solution

Zulu Alpha Kilo: 4 Graphite, 1 Wood


The Black Business and Professional Association, “Micropedia of Microagressions”
Digital Design – Health & Wellbeing

HomeEquity Bank/Royal Canadian Legion, “Orders of Sacrifice”
E-commerce – Promotions

Pfaff Harley-Davidson, “The Tough Turban”
Creative Transformation – Products
Impact – Design


Pfaff Harley-Davidson, “The Tough Turban”
Product Design – Inclusive

Bensimon Byrne: 1 Graphite, 2 Wood


White Ribbon, “Day After Day”
Film – Health & Wellbeing


White Ribbon, “Day After Day”
Writing For Advertising – Film
Film – TV/VOD Commercial Over 120 Seconds

FCB/Six: 1 Graphite, 2 Wood


Walmart, “Bedtime Stories”
Experiential – Use of Mixed Reality


Walmart, “Bedtime Stories”
Digital – Use of XR
Digital – Storytelling

Digital Design – Connected Experiences

Cossette: 1 Graphite


World Wheelchair Rugby, “WWR Brand Refresh”
Graphic Design – Integrated

John St.: 1 Wood


DoorDash, “Welcome To The Flavourhood”
Animation – Mixed Media

Leo Burnett: 2 Wood


Leo Burnett (self-promo), “Sunshine in a Box”
Packaging Design – Promotional

Woah Dough, “Woah Dough”
Packaging Design – Consumer

No Fixed Address: 1 Wood


Canadian Centre for Child Protection, “Happy Birthday, Twitter”
Film – Tactical

OneMethod: 1 Wood


Good Fortune, “Receats”
Digital – Tactical

Sid Lee: 1 Wood


Ellen Macarthur Foundation, “EMF Fashion Book”
Graphic Design – Catalogues & Brochures

Taxi: 1 Wood


Human Rights Foundation, “Uncomfortable Truth”
Press & Outdoor – Tactical Poster