Lindeman’s brings its sustainable ethos to Stackt

The wine brand's month-long activation is entirely built with reusable and recyclable materials.


Lindeman’s Wines wanted to send an environmental message with its Sunshine Station – a month-long activation at Toronto’s Stackt Market.

The activation, created in tandem with Toronto’s Mint Agency, offers visitors a wine sampling, carbon footprint calculator and guides to help work toward sustainability in their own lives – all part and parcel with Lindeman’s larger messaging as it seeks to tout its environmental bona fides.

The brand has reached 100% carbon neutrality and is working toward the goal of using 100% renewable energy by 2024.

Both Lindeman’s and Mint wanted to take advantage of the onset of warmer weather – and the eagerness of Canadians to get out and about after years of pandemic living – to promote the brand’s achievement as well as its broader commitment to sustainability.

lindemans1“We wanted to have an actual, physical space where people could come and learn more about the wine and Lindeman’s sustainability story while enjoying the sunshine,” says Laura Rothstein, Mint’s CD. “Stackt Market in Toronto gets a lot of foot traffic, and we thought it was the perfect place for us to launch a sustainable wine tasting. They were also great partners who worked with us to make sure everything around the cocktail station and in the environment is made from reusable or recyclable materials. So it is a great space for people to come and sample the wines, get tasting notes and interact with the brand’s sustainability message.”

As part of the activation, Lindeman’s also has the opportunity to discuss their offset initiatives – including reforestation efforts in the Amazon and solar panel installations in the Philippines. “By showcasing the story in this activation, we’re celebrating it,” Rothstein explains. “And everything about the activation ties in, with all of the materials we’re using being reusable, a living wall dialing into natural environments and space – we are reinforcing for people who come and engage the idea that everyone can contribute to reduce their carbon footprint in small steps.”

The activation is being supported through OOH, social and display ads that employ Lindeman’s “beautiful brand and iconography including sunshine, flowers and butterflies” to lend a natural element to the sustainability message.

“We’re letting Canadians know that when they drink Lindeman’s, they are choosing a wine that has reached carbon neutral certification and is committed to the shift to using 100% renewable energy,” she says.