Clio helps a legal profession swimming in paperwork

The software company's latest work is leaning into digital to reach over-worked law offices.


Legal software brand Clio is going after solo and midsized law firms by using a metaphor of struggling to keep one’s head above water.

A new campaign features lawyers at a fictional law firm futilely processing documents in a swimming pool before being helped out by inner tubes to keep their papers from getting waterlogged.

Rethink led the creative after establishing a relationship with Vancouver-based Clio last year.

Some products Clio offers include practice management software that helps lawyers manage clients, organize cases, automate tasks, and streamline billing and also client intake and legal CRM software help standardize the client intake process.

According to Reagan Attle, Clio’s CMO, its insights reveal that lawyering is harder than it needs to be because of all the activities not directly related to the courtroom that keep staffers bogged down.

Clio is leaning into digital for the campaign, but looking at this as a multichannel campaign effort and going after a North American audience. It’s including short-form video video and display, and also expanding into audio digital channels to target lawyers through digital radio, podcasts and Spotify.

Print, meanwhile, remains a means of connecting with consumers through associations and media agencies that target the profession directly, though Clio is not increasing its investment on that side. In terms of total spend, Attle says Clio is investing a “healthy budget” across multiple channels, but not extraordinarily higher than anything it’s done in the past.

The rapid adoption of technology among lawyers and law firms is having profound effects on legal service delivery, the company says.

Clio’s own 2021 Legal Trends Report shows that the benefits of technology adoption is also granting greater resiliency, better quality of life, and better client services to lawyers and their firms. And it says that 68% of lawyers report that technology has helped firms delivery a better client experience, while 58% report tech has improved work-life balance.

Recent corner office shifts for Clio include adding four C-suite personnel – including Attle’s appointment – last fall to help it realize its expansion goals.