Onlia finds the joy in signing up for insurance

A new campaign shifts the digital brand's focus from safety to convenience.

Onlia‘s new campaign is setting a new course for the digital insurance brand by demonstrating convenience of setting up home and auto insurance using its online platform.

A new ad, named “Go Online with Onlia,” shows a client telling her neighbour how easy it was to set up insurance using her phone after noticing the provider’s thought bubble logo over her house and car. The neighbour and the rest of the block go on to discover just how easy it is for themselves, as the logo begins popping up all over the block, as Choclair’s “Let’s Ride” plays in the background.

The ad – as well as versions specific to home and auto insurance offerings – will run on TV and digital channels, YouTube, Onlia’s owned social media platforms, radio and out-of-home.

Blackjet led creative on the campaign, working closely with Julia Stein, Onlia’s senior marketing communications lead, and the rest of her team on developing the strategy. Rob Galletta, CEO of Blackjet, says its client was looking to achieve a greater share of the $69.8 billion property and casualty insurance market that features both centuries-old legacy brands and other digital-focused upstarts like Onlia.

After launching in 2019, many of Onlia’s campaigns – created by DDB – aimed to help it stand out by focusing on safety, but the new campaign shifts the focus instead to convenience and the ease of signing up.

Galletta points out that a big insight Onlia provided that propelled the new direction is that people typically don’t care about their insurance until they need to use it, which typically ends up being where the emotional connection with the brand gets formed. The new campaign aims to shift that moment a bit earlier by showing the excitement and satisfaction clients have when they experience how streamlined Onlia’s process is compared to older, more cumbersome methods of obtaining insurance.

This is Blackjet’s first work with Onlia after it initiated a request for proposal in early January. In addition to the current campaign, Onlia and Blackjet have plans to collaborate in the future.

“There’s actually quite a lot of work in progress right now,” says Galletta. “So there’s a lot to be rolled out throughout the year and what you’re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg.”

The target audience is primarily millennials and those digitally savvy individuals who are more apt to experiment with paperless methods of arranging home and auto insurance.

The new ad began airing May 30 and will continue until the end of the year. True Media handled the media strategy and buy, having also won business for Onlia in January. The plan focuses on brand awareness and ubiquity, both visually and from a naming standpoint, according to Galletta.