Belairdirect wants to deliver pizza alongside savings

The insurance company's branded boxes are providing an unobtrusive direct element to its traditional video campaign.

Belairdirect’s new “Switch and Save” campaign hopes to build on its idea that insurance should be accessible to all with a new campaign and a “Moving Day” promotion with pizzerias in Quebec and Ontario.

Despite the concurrent ads, the goal of both is the same according to Marie-Pierre Leclerc, VP, direct distribution marketing and digital strategy for Belairdirect Insurance.

“We want to continue building our brand awareness across the different markets where we operate,” says Leclerc. “So that’s Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, but we want to do it in different ways.”

The integrated “No More Excuses” campaign shows a couple finally being able figure out what a mystery light switch does with the money they saved by switching to Belairdirect insurance – before cutting to an older neighbour sitting through the lights flicking on and off again.

The spot will run throughout the summer in Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta on connected and advanced TV, online, and on owned social media platforms.

image001As part of a promotion, Belairdirect has also partnered with local pizzerias to their pizzas in Belairdirect branded boxes with a QR code that will drive consumers to Belairdirect’s landing page where they will have access to insurance quotes at their fingertips. While it is timed to “Moving Day” in Quebec – a prime pizza-ordering occasion – the promotion is also being extended to locations in Ontario.

Belairdirect has been taking a video-forward approach with its marketing for some time, something Leclerc says the brand continues to be intrigued by. But through the PR promotion, it is able to get QR codes into customer’s homes in a way that would pique their curiousity about the promotion and Belairdirect’s offers, while trying not to appear too promotional or intrusive says Leclerc.

Belairdirect has found that people have responded favourably to QR codes, and it is also a different way to reach its audience amid the clutter of digital marketing many businesses turned to during the pandemic according to Leclerc.

Sid Lee is the creative agency behind the campaign, with Ruffian as the production agency.