KFC toasts pairing fried chicken with champagne

The QSR is tapping growing cultural awareness of the combo, touting it as a new sensorial experience for its chicken.


KFC Canada is promoting a pairing for its chicken that has already won wide praise, including the endorsement of one of the world’s biggest rock stars – the Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl.

Though a recent survey by the restaurant shows 93% of Canadians have yet to try the tandem, fried chicken and some kind of sparkling wine – champagne, prosecco, crémant – has been generating buzz since Grohl revealed it’s his favourite post-show meal last year on Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. Now, the QSR chain is looking to capitalize on the combo’s newfound popularity to sell some of its own fried chicken with its “Buckets & Bubbly” campaign.

The restaurant has been looking for new ways to promote its fried chicken products and pairing them with sparkling wine is right up that alley, because it creates a brand new sensorial experience for consumers.

“[It] is one of those iconic flavour pairings you need to taste to believe just how delicious it is,” says Katherine Bond-Debicki, CMO for KFC Canada.

The campaign is running primarily on social for National Fried Chicken Day on Wednesday, backed by a paid buy, with the QSR encouraging Canadians to pick up a bucket of its chicken and a bottle of bubbly. As part of the campaign, the restaurant is running a giveaway tied to its Instagram, inviting Canadians to share what kind of bubbly they’d pair with their KFC meal in exchange for a chance to win a branded KFC bucket.

The QSR worked with Narrative to develop and publicize the campaign, while Wavemaker handled the media buy.