Meet the 2022 Agency A-List

How Canada's top agencies are building a more collaborative and inclusive way of working with brands and connecting with consumers.

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When times got tough, Canada’s agencies got creative.

While the first few months of the pandemic were marked by a prevailing sense of uncertainty, many of Canada’s top agencies are emerging from the other side energized by the opportunities all that adversity inspired.

It has been a challenging time, but these agencies have risen to the challenge, noting incredible growth in capabilities agency-side. You might describe it as a renewed entrepreneurial spirit – and one that’s that’s shaping up to be a huge boon for clients.

Think better research, better tools and more finely tuned creative. Think deeper insights and more investment in strategy and planning. It all adds up to smarter, more resonant work that will speak more truthfully to consumers, regardless of where or how they choose to congregate.

The last few years have been marked by a tearing down of the silos. The industry is coming out of the worst of the pandemic thinking less about agency and client as “us” and “them,” and more about what can be done together. To learn more about the fruits of this collaborative approach, read on.

All of the profiled agencies have the hardware to back up their claims – qualifying to take part in this exclusive sponsored supplement by taking home honours on the global, national or regional awards stage.

The 2022 A-Listers:

Zulu Alpha Kilo: Firing on all cylinders

UM: Powering a culture of innovation

Initiative: Reinventing the rules of media

Media Experts: An audience tailored approach to brand and client growth

123W: One team, One mission

Zerotrillion: All-or-nothing approach to brand realization

Leo Burnett: Redesigning the consumer-brand relationship

Dentsu: A long-term view

Pomp & Circumstance: A grander vision

Elemental: Finding meaninful connections

Anomaly: Solutions designed for good

Camp Jefferson: Designing choice