Mount Pleasant takes a snapshot of lives well-lived

By focusing on photos, the funeral home wants people to think about the totality of life, instead of just the end.
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Mount Pleasant Group’s upcoming campaign is a celebration of life and lasting memories through photographs.

“Snapshots,” led by Mount Pleasant Group’s AOR DonerNorth includes a video where a grandfather’s life is documented through photographs. His love for his cottage, boat and all the fun he had with his family are all commemorated in the uplifting spot.

Death and funerals are sombre events, but the goal of this campaign is to look at the complete picture of someone’s life with a particular focus on the uplifting and happy memories.

“The work that Mount Pleasant Group does and the services that they offer is a bit of a heavy topic but the goal is always to show people that death is a part of life,” says Justin Turco, creative director at DonerNorth. “Mount Pleasant Group is really behind celebrating these lives and what makes each of them unique, so we want that to come through in the world. We never want it to feel like we’re talking about death as a bad thing. It’s always something to celebrate how these people lived, and the impact they had on the people and within their lives.”

Previous campaigns for Mount Pleasant Group have included other spots that focused on maintaining personal connections after death, but also involved the creation of post-mortem greeting cards and memory boxes.

The guiding insight behind the new effort is the power of photographs and how they can keep memories alive, and to be able to remember and relive happy memories is a way to soften the blow of a loved one’s passing.

Pictures are a personal nature to keep stories alive, says Turco, and making pictures the centrepiece of its campaign demonstrates Mount Pleasant Group’s desire to highlight the entire journey of one’s life as opposed to placing all the focus on how it ends.

The “Snapshots” campaign launches on Aug. 1 and will run until March on TV, OLV, OOH displays and on Mount Pleasant Groups owned social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Media buys were also handled by DonerNorth. Photography and shooting was done by Sparks Productions, audio editing by Berkeley and post-production by Think Tank Creative.