Coca-Cola goes the surreal route for its newest flavour

Dreamworld, the latest from the Creations team, will be promoted with an AR music experience and a digital fashion collection.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld Landscape 500mL_Key Visual_With Text

Coca-Cola is launching Dreamworld, an LTO that is coming to life in an almost Dali-esque fashion, perhaps appropriate as the artist once included a Coke bottle in his 1942 oil painting, Poetry of America.

The visuals for Dreamworld, which arrives on store shelves Aug. 15, include hot air balloons, billowy clouds, ladders to nowhere and portals into other dimensions. The product is being said to exist at the intersection of “dreamlike experiences” and the “real world,” in order to tap the power of the subconscious.

“Our latest Coca-Cola Creation brings us into a world filled with fantastic, surreal technicolour,” says Oana Vlad, senior director, global brand strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, who says the flavour is playful and comes in a distinctive packaging design, “transforming the iconic Coca-Cola can with whimsical shapes and electric colours to create optical illusions.”

The packaging design features whimsical shapes and electric colours to create vibrant optical illusions and a Spencerian, Latin-style script in 3D effect.

Coca-Cola Dreamworld is the third limited-edition flavour – and final for 2022 – to arrive in Canada under the Coca-Cola Creations innovation platform that launched earlier this year. Flavours to come out of Creations have been less focused on what might be considered “traditional” ways to describe how a product tastes, instead focused on more abstract ideas of a product that are promoted through digital- and metaverse-friendly ways.

For example, the first product was Starlight, an offering meant to “taste like space” that was promoted with a digital-first campaign that included an AR concert and NFTs.

Similarly, Dreamworld’s launch will include a digital wearable collection with fashion platform DRESSX, an apparel disruptor that’s released wearable NFTs and which claims “some clothes can exist only in their digital versions.”

Users will be able to scan a QR code on the Coca-Cola Dreamworld can or bottle to access the digital Coca-Cola Creations Hub, where “they will be taken on a journey.”

Coca-Cola Dreamworld 500ml 1x1_3

The campaign will also feature the launch of the Coca-Cola Dreamworld AR Music Experience, an augmented reality conceived in collaboration with electronic dance music festival brand Tomorrowland. Users will have to scan a Coca-Cola Dreamworld can or bottle to access the digital Coca-Cola Creations Hub, where they will be transported into a full 3D virtual AR music experience hosted by an avatar DJ spinning dreamlike tracks.

According to Vlad, users will be able to experience the Coca-Cola brand and Coca-Cola Dreamworld in virtual environments “where anything is possible, and where imaginations are free to discover the magic in ordinary moments.”

Coca-Cola Dreamworld will launch as a digital-first marketing campaign that is fully integrated across channels, and Canadians will also see advertising at point-of-purchase in stores across Canada. The launch is being supported in Canada by Weber Shandwick.