Dairy Farmers of Ontario sends up trendy vitamin ads

A new campaign aims to show that a glass of milk is simpler, easier and more affordable than increasingly popular DTC services.


Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is parodying subscription vitamin brands to remind consumers they can get essential nutrients from milk at their grocery store, rather than a packet that comes in the mail.

The campaign taps the insight that while consumers may know that a glass of milk is more effective and convenient than vitamin subscriptions, people are still swayed by expensive, direct-to-consumer multivitamin subscriptions, their slick designs and celebrity endorsers.

The 15-a-Day campaign boasts a message that milk has “15 essentials, simplified.” A satirical BuzzFeed quiz also mirrors popular questions typically found on wellness sites, and points to a vitamin subscription that is “just milk.”

“The creative has a fun, light-hearted tone that we know is well received and garners great engagement across social media,” explains Kimberly Romany, DFO’s director of marketing strategy and consumer communications, adding that the effort is aimed squarely at health conscious buyers.


The campaign is bringing that message to ads in social, OOH and PR. There are also executions with TikTok influencers who are known for debunking trendy health myths.

As Romany explains, DFO is looking to intercept its target audience, millennial parents, where they are actively looking for nutrition content. By using using influencers in the health, wellness and food space, the organization is able to insert itself into a trending topic such as nutrition supplements and get its audience talking.

Romany tells strategy the organization targets various consumers throughout their life-stages; from Gen Z audiences, to principle grocery shoppers or millennial parents.

Teaming up with “Nutrition Artist” and registered dietitian Michelle Jaelin, the campaign layers in an educational element and targets parents, informing the audience of how milk contributes to our overall health and wellbeing.

Lifelong Crush led creative, with support from Broken Heart Love Affair (BHLA), which was named DFO’s AOR this July. Starcom handled the media buy, Middle Child the PR and Hype the influencers.