Nikon uses fine dining to showcase how good its lenses are

Focusing on intricate details is helping the brand enforce its premium status in a category that's increasingly competing on price.


Nikon is getting chefs to create intricate meals worthy of a calligraphy artist – work full of precision details that are better seen through its premium lenses.

Agence Dada was mandated to adapt and transform Nikon’s global French-lensed 2021 global ad campaign “Everything starts with a detail” for a Canadian audience to drive brand awareness nationally. In that work, a Parisian romance blossoms based on a man noticing a woman’s dimple through the Nikon lenses in his eyewear – a tiny detail which if overlooked, would not have led to their international courtship.

For this campaign, art director and professional artist Olivier Rielland Nadeau imagined a detailed art piece that would honour Nikon’s Japanese heritage and incorporate the colourful possibilities that Nikon lenses create. The artwork then served as the foundation to inspire three Canadian chefs from coast to coast to create highly visual, technical dishes.

The premise was based on unlocking the power of details in the creative process, to make a transformative link between different creators using different mediums.

“Nikon has to strengthen its identity and premium positioning by developing a strong presence promoting the added value of precision, aesthetics and protection for its core lenswear customers,” says Andréanne Isabelle Poitras, Agence Dada’s VP of creative and strategy.

Nikon is likely best known to Canadians for its camera equipment, but there are also 300 Nikon expert clinics and stores in Canada providing lenses for eyewear. Poitras tells strategy that Nikon is aiming to grow its leadership position in the industry by reaffirming its premium brand status in a market that is aggressively demanding on price competition.


As Poitras notes, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, lifestyle and consumption habits of eyeglass wearers changed drastically overnight, including the amount of physical contact during various transactions. In this context, Nikon tasked Agence Dada to assist in its strategic reinvention and reinforce its premium story.

The core demo, Poitras explains, is educated and embraces luxury lifestyle and is therefore amenable to paying extra for quality prescription eyewear.

The campaign is coming to life through social media, digital geofencing, programmatic, influencer marketing and a dedicated landing page. It also includes in-store tools and activation. Dada also handled the media buy, and the ad spend on this campaign is in line with last year.