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Back to the Jetsons

‘Something sizzled to the right of him. A commercial, made by Theodore Nitz, the worst house of all, had attached itself to his car. ‘Get off,’ he warned it. But the commercial, well-adhered, began to crawl, buffeted by the wind, towards the door and the entrance crack. It would soon have squeezed in and would be haranguing him in the cranky, garbagey fashion of the Nitz advertisements.


Déjà viewing

Other than a few notable exceptions (sadly, very few), there’s a disappointing sense of been there, seen that in the crime-infested fall skeds…no wonder more advertisers are seriously looking outside TV to reach their audience. …


The turkeys are falling like bags of cement

Does Dominion’s new spot with fish falling from the sky remind anyone of that (apparently not inimitable) scene from WKRP, where a promo goes horribly wrong? Turkeys tossed out of a helicopter plummet like stones into the waiting crowd below, prompting…


Survival lessons from Down Under

This issue we look at TV brand extensions, or we try to. Except for a few contenders, overall, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of strategy or urgency behind many Canadian TV networks’ brand extension activity – or inactivity, more…


Your briefs aren’t tight enough

In light of continuing setbacks to the North American economy – the flurry of mega-corp mega-layoffs, stock market dives and increasing concern that consumer spending is poised for slowdown – one of Sergio Zyman’s many marketing nuggets sounds like good ammunition…


Radio is brilliant when strategically employed

‘How do they get money for radio?’…


Style captivates, communicates

Whenever a company gets its people together, whether it is to introduce a new line or to hold an annual sales meeting, it is a chance to sell the company.While inking an agenda and staying on track remain the basic success…


Agencies flex creative muscle

In this special report, Strategy looks at the creative challenge presented by out-of-home media from a couple of perspectives.In our opening feature, Mary Maddever interviews the sellers of outdoor, in-store and transit advertising to find out what creative opportunities presented by…