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Guru prescribes remedy for millennial fever

If you’re feeling feverish as the new millennium sets in, James Rosenfield, direct marketing guru and chairman and CEO of San Diego-based database marketing consultancy Rosenfield & Associates, has just the antidote…take it easy. Speaking to delegates at a recent marketing…


Diversity spells success for Quarry

While so many in the advertising industry are trimming fat or wondering whether they will even survive, The Quarry Group has been quietly flourishing.In 1987, R.M. Quarry Advertising had six employees and $2 million in billings.These days, The Quarry Group, based…


Conservative approach recommended

Although this situation appears desperate, an open, honest and consistent communications plan during the first 48 hours will help minimize potential damage to the reputation of the candy bar and its manufacturer.The ability to respond in this crisis and to plan…