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Brand building in unprecedented times

With the world on pause, leaders from the media realm ask if it is a good time to turn the focus away from bottom-funnel efforts.


Media AOY Gold: Touché builds on tech and talent

“Embracing change” is now at the core of the media agency, which has offices in Montreal and Toronto.

PHD Canada

Media AOY Bronze: PHD Canada digs deep into data

The media agency is looking to the future with a bevy of new hires and clients.


Schneiders stays true to tradition

The meat-packing business J.M. Schneider opened in his Ontario home 125 years ago is still thriving today.


Sun Life: 150 years of making life brighter

How the financial company with humble Canadian roots has become an international powerhouse.


Weekend reading: JWT’s nod to the past, eyes to the future

On the eve of two major anniversaries, the agency looks ahead to a new strategic direction.


Sunni’s shining career

As the media maven prepares to begin a new chapter, we look back at how she reshaped the industry.


Molson: 225 years of ‘Made from Canada’ brewing

This year, the beerco toasts its legacy of community involvement and refreshes its brands for the future.


Hugh Dow: Media Person of the Decade

From opening the first agency-parented stand-alone media services company to deft navigation through the decade’s turbulent media environment, Dow has helped move media management companies to the top of the agency heap.


Pepsi in Quebec: deep roots

It may not sound as homegrown as Cirque du Soleil or St. Hubert, but Quebecers feel they have an ownership stake in Pepsi.


The Cola Wars: the Cherry Pepsi coup

The cherry-flavoured race was one of the events that shows the intensity of the battle between Pepsi and Coke.


Pepsi in Canada: highlights of the first 75 years

Seventy-five years’ worth of milestones in Pepsi’s history in Canada.


Forever young – Pepsi’s first 75 years in Canada

As Pepsi gets underway with Q4 of its first century in Canada, strategy looks back at the first 75, how the brand successfully marked its anniversary – and what comes next.


Media Agency of the Year

Media Agency of the Year


Media Director of the Year – Sunni Boot

It was a surprise to us, too. Some you know quite well; others, less so. So we’re profiling the country’s top media directors: tracing their careers, uncovering the secrets to their success and asking them to pick their proudest media coup of the past 12 months.