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CHUM vs. Craig

The gentlemen’s agreement that once kept CHUM in Eastern Canada and Craig Media in the West isn’t just defunct. It’s turned into a rock ‘em, sock ‘em turf war that’s scattering question marks – and new stations – all over the TV landscape.


Apocalypse now?

War in Iraq, SARS force Canadian tourism to rethink advertising plans


Kalashnikov: From assault rifles to…snowboards?

Kalashnikov assault rifle extends its brand to items like umbrellas, watches and aftershave.


Minus five degrees? It’s Campbell’s time

Dark and stormy morning sparks hot idea for Campbell Soup.


How would you get the Golden Arches to shine again?

As a ‘who’da thunk it’ moment in marketing history, it was a doozy. After 47 years of enticing most of the munchers on Planet Earth to chow down under the Golden Arches, mighty McDonald’s humbly posted its first-ever quarterly losses on Jan. 23.


Merisant gets physical to promote Equal

Not to be rude or anything, but it’s just a boring fact of modern life that sugar substitutes are all about cutting calories and health clubs are all about enhancing fitness. Ho hum, end of story, right?


Nine o’clock? It’s Orville time

You know the Pavlovian response that compels folks to follow their noses to the microwave whenever they smell freshly popped popcorn? Hold that thought.


Getting TV into newspaper

Without a doubt, Microsoft’s Tablet PC is a revolutionary new product. It’s the first laptop that allows users to scribble or draw onto a screen and then reformat the results into text, file them for future reference, or even e-mail them.


The 80% factor

Judging by what’s currently in the works at Ford, Chrysler, Saturn and especially Volvo, it seems that some of Canada’s automobile manufacturers are finally making good on their longstanding promise to get serious about marketing to women.


Record labels sing new marketing tunes

‘A whole generation of young people is growing up believing they don’t have to pay for music’ and technology is letting them get away with it. That’s the number-one reason why music sales are plummeting around the world, says Brian Robertson, president of the Toronto-headquartered Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA).
But desperate circumstances often produce desperately creative counter-measures, which is why marketers are coming up with a fascinating variety of fight-back efforts, from anti-piracy education campaigns to a slew of premium and incentive schemes.


Cue the quality infomercial

To media buyers, paid-programming shows have always been the Rodney Dangerfield of television, with meager audiences and graveyard time slots adding up to no respect.


Debuts in review

How’s the new television season looking so far from a media buyers’ point of view? Basically, they’re partying like it’s not 2001.


Funeral home firm thinks pink

So what’s the story?
With a fluffy pink poodle perched majestically in the back seat, and a look-alike dowager at the wheel, a flashy pink convertible toodles along to who-knows-where. Headline: ‘We wouldn’t tell you how to live your life. We won’t tell you how it should be remembered.’


Communicating the new you

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But a corporation that botches its rebranding might become a real stinker.


Buyers foster Hollywood connection

Tony Soprano’s ratfink goombah is crouched down in a parked car, shooting off his mouth to an FBI agent. Outside the window, we see an Office Depot store. ‘Youse want me to wear a wire?’ grunts the goombah. ‘Yeah,’ replies the feebie. ‘Need batteries? Let’s get some at Office Depot.’ Fade to black.
Product placement? Fuhgeddaboudit. Getting your brand actually written into the script of a huge hit like The Sopranos is an even bigger deal than having its characters handle or consume your products on-screen – theoretically persuading viewers to do likewise.