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Special Report: Top Clients: Top Client, Snack Foods: Small Fry has big plans for potato chip market

One year ago, Strategy inaugurated a new feature: an annual special report devoted to recognizing the accomplishments of leading clients in the Canadian marketing community.This year, as before, Strategy’s editorial staff reviewed the year’s news and chose 10 clients, representing as…


Boston Pizza eyes Ontario

Vancouver’s Boston Pizza is making plans to move east into Ontario in hopes of taking a real slice out of the province’s casual dining restaurant business.’By next summer, we hope to have a minimum of three new restaurants in Ontario,’ says…


Fairlee samples new iced tea product: Boston Iced Tea combining radio spots with sampling at events

Fairlee Fruit Juice is trying to dip into Canada’s ice tea market with an ad campaign ironically tied to a u.s. historical event.Boston Iced Tea is being promoted with two radio spots starring characters Martha and George in a modern twist…


Film festival sponsors seek streamlined approach

Independent film festival promoters are acting less and less independent when it comes to attracting corporate sponsorship – and some of the year’s best finds for Toronto’s festival were spotted at other festivals first. In fact, the tag team approach to…