Heineken-Heineken Canada encourages end of -hustle culture- as m

Heineken cracks open a cold truth about overwork

A bottle opener that shuts down work-related applications aims to encourage workers to take time for themselves.


Why Laker Lager is doing a meat stick promo

From Shopper Marketing Report: Working with Piller’s gives both brands exposure in different channels.


Granville Island’s new look is all about history and home

The brewer is changing to larger, clearer font and a more dynamic visual representation.

Corona has launched a floating billboard in the St. Lawrence River that gathers plastic waste from the waterway. Courtesy Corona Canada

Corona cleans up the St. Lawrence with a billboard

The ad also serves as another visual reminder from the brand of Canadians’ role in contributing to ocean plastics.


Craft breweries deploy new tactics as inflation squeezes profits

Forced to absorb rising prices across all inputs, companies get creative to survive the challenging market.


Stella Artois tries to reclaim the best of pre-pandemic living

A new global campaign developed by Anomaly Toronto promotes the beer to the stressed work-from-home set.


Molson Coors’ profits slump amid Q2 spending increase

The beverage maker saw a volume decline and struggled with a Quebec labour dispute.


Sam Adams wants to be wicked approachable

The brand is looking to break into the Ontario market with a new brew that targets a younger audience.


The Beer Store wants to be more than just a beer store

A new platform focuses on selection, be that in terms of new beer varieties or products like seltzers and radlers.


Moosehead goes after the beer leagues instead of the major leagues

Rec teams a shot at sponsorship in the brewer’s biggest campaign for its Radler.

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Ace Beverage Group quenches thirst for fresh approach to innovation

How the beverage company is nailing product ideation and corporate team-building all at once.

Copied from Stimulant - Bud Light Canada-Bud Light Canada Launches -Bud Light Camp- in C

Bud Light celebrates Pride with ‘camp’

Playing on the double meaning of the word, the brand’s weekend-long gathering will encourage community and expression.


Moosehead has a beer with your name on it

The brewer leans into its working class roots by giving people a customized can for accomplishments they are proud of.


Coors Seltzer is helping older millennials keep things ‘wild’

The brand sees people aged 30 to 35 as a mostly-untapped audience, but one its data shows has been loyal to the beverage it’s selling.


Mill Street wants fans to rally around its Blue Jays beer

The Labatt-owned brewer’s Blue Wave aims to capitalize on the overlap between craft beer and baseball fans.