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Olympic blog: Beware the brand police

A Canadian marketer living in London, Steve McEwen kicks off his Olympic coverage with local talk of the sponsorship debate ahead of the Opening Ceremony on Friday.


Cannes Blog: À la prochaine

Mark Childs reflects on a “vibrant and optimistic” Cannes Lions week.

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Canadian Young Marketers win Bronze

Mark Childs blogs about Canada’s first-ever Young Marketers trip to Cannes, and their third-place finish.


Cannes Blog: Food for Thought

Mark Childs on the state of the art of food marketing.


Cannes blog: Device love or hate?

Mark Childs on how devices are impacting creative, as well as the festival itself this year.


Cannes Blog: Creative diversity

Mark Childs finds inspiration from a shortlisted PFLAG campaign and two stand-outs of the Mofilm competition.

Lions Cannes Festival

Cannes Blog: First impressions last

Mark Childs on what we can learn from the youngest Cannes speakers, and seeing the festival through the eyes of first-time attendees.

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Jury diaries: Drowning in case studies

Now that the Promo awards are done, Saatchi & Saatchi’s Brian Sheppard dishes on the long nights spend reviewing case studies.


Cannes Blog: Canada punches above its weight

Campbell’s Mark Childs shares his thoughts on Canada’s opening day session, starring UFC champ Georges St-Pierre.


SXSW: DDB does Austin

The team at Tribal DDB blogs for strategy about lessons learned from the interactive festival.


SXSW blog: The Juggalos and branding for social change

Laura Muirhead explores what marketers can learn about cultivating community from, of all things, the Insane Clown Posse.


SXSW blog: human connection in the digital age

Tribal DDB’s Nik Badminton learns that the most valuable lesson of this interactive festival may be about putting down your device.


SXSW blog: Both sides of social media

On Day 3, Ed Lee delves into the dark side of social media with F*** Privacy. Then NASA shows him its upside.


SXSW blog: Harnessing the fear of missing out

On Day 2, Jon Mandell learns to steal like an artist, build humour into the digital experience and leverage FOMO in marketing.


SXSW blog: Driving better brand experiences

Tribal DDB’s Nikolas Badminton on what agencies and clients can learn from the tech innovations of Formula 1 and Toyota.