Rethinking T-shirts

Take inspiration from these smart shirts that seem to be all the rage.


New bio-sensing shirt co kicks off a launch campaign

To sell OmSignal’s new teched-out shirts, Tuxedo targeted fitness buffs wanting to take their workout further.

Reitmans finds its muse

With PR events in Toronto and Montreal, the brand is launching its new collection by model Eve Salvail.


Dianes Lingerie paints a womanly portrait

Each woman’s body is a beautiful fingerprint, says this new brand campaign by 123W.

Shield Dress

Brands play dress-up with fashion

As designers blend tech and style, and clothing gets smarter, brands are trying it on for size.


Ubisoft and Frank & Oak launch a collection

For the upcoming Watch Dogs release, the gaming company and e-tailer have designed clothing for their mutual male audience.

Shield Coat

Trident puts on a fashion exhibit

Strange but true, the Mondelez gum brand launched a mobile phone-blocking clothing line.

spring cleaning

Uber and Roots partner for spring cleaning

The taxi service and clothing brand will pick up your old clothes for donation with a click of a button.

cute cir uit

Smart fashion

CuteCircuit’s LED- and sensor-infused duds are lighting up the runway.


What the hell is Normcore?

Should marketers embrace the latest fashion trend or will it disappear faster than you can say Harlem Shake?


Products with smart potential

Texting toilet paper, anyone? Here are some every day items that should tap the internet of things trend.


Fashion brands strut the catwalk with tech

The future of clothing? Top Shop and Fendi tap virtual reality and drones for runway shows.


CASSIES Bronze: Saving Joe Boxer

The men’s underwear brand changes its image to save itself from extinction in its largest retailer, Hudson’s Bay.

Modern-day gentlemen

Guys are redefining what it means to be a man, meaning brands in traditionally female-dominated spaces, like fashion, beauty and cooking, will need to play catch-up.


Luxury brands’ content play

Great content on digital platforms linking to an e-commerce offering is becoming a necessity in the high-end fashion retail market