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Philips lights the way for consumers

The tech company has introduced a retailer lighting system that talks to smartphones.

3d printing

SXSW blog: The maker movement

Printing entire buildings or airplane wings? How about 3D printing with silkworms? Check out cool tech from the conference.


Ryerson’s Transmedia Zone experiments with storytelling

The Toronto incubator is hunting for agencies and brands to submit projects that help evolve the transmedia space.


SXSW blog: Wearables are the future

BBDO’s Linda Carte looks at how these devices will change the conversation around security and health.

cute cir uit

Smart fashion

CuteCircuit’s LED- and sensor-infused duds are lighting up the runway.

interconnectivity _ internet of things

Cisco to build an Internet of Everything Centre

The company’s new innovation lab is under construction and hunting for brand partners.


Interaxon’s mind games

The brainwave-sensing headband maker has already partnered with Microsoft for games you can control with your mind.


Tomorrow’s retail tech today

The store of the future is already here, and it’s imitating the web while getting smaller and smarter.

occulus rift

Shopper Marketing Forum: Tech to track

From virtual reality planograms to digital wallets, we peek at some hot tech emerging in the retail space.


Hacking Netflix

Want to hack your brand? Take inspiration from these sanctioned improvements from the movie giant.


Emotion vs logic: How do you decide?

Sometimes the brain knows what the mouth can’t say. True Impact’s Diana Lucaci makes the case for neuromarketing.

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Wearable upstarts

From a bracelet that identifies your heartbeat to a brainwaves-measuring headband, cool tech is right in your backyard.


Kiwi clips onto the wearable trend

The device responds to sound, movement and temperature, and could be a great market-research tool, says its founder.


A feel for the future

What under-the-radar tech could make touching screens a totally new sensation? KBS+’s Cameron Wykes takes a look.


Back page: The first known instance of future-proofing

Illustrator Gary Clement takes us back in time.