Canada’s got (innovation) talent

Campbell’s Mark Childs looks to Canada’s Young Marketers as proof of where the industry is going in terms of innovative thinking.

McDonalds Image

AToMiC Awards: McDonald’s sets the benchmark for transparency

A look at how the Grand Prix winner changed consumer perceptions by being as open to consumers as possible.


One-minute AToMiC ideas

Missed the conference yesterday? Catch 60-second recaps from presenters Donald Chesnut of SapientNitro, Kevin Keane of Brainsights and PJ Pereira of Pereira & O’Dell.


AToMiC recap: glimpse into the future today

Yesterday’s conference on technology, creativity, advertising and media brought together key speakers from different walks of life to look for ideas that push the industry forward.


3D printing goes mainstream

The industry weighs in on how agencies and brands are using the tech now, and how they may use it in the future.

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SXSW blog: Best of the fest

Naked Creative’s Alan MacDonald wraps up the festival by breaking down the most buzzed-about ideas (and cats) and innovative brand executions from American Airlines, AT&T and more.


SXSW blog: The power in our pockets

Naked Creative’s Paula Swirla takes a look at some innovative apps, from one that preps you on people before you meet them to one that creates a personal cloud for your files.


SXSW blog: Wearing your technology

Naked Creative’s Alan MacDonald on how wearable technology has evolved, from Nike and Reebok to a mind-controlled bicycle.


SXSW blog: the impact of 3D printing

Alan MacDonald of Naked Creative on the MakerBot, a desktop 3D printer, and its potential marketing implications.


Marian Salzman on consumer fatigue and the rise of the daddy blogger

The trendspotter who predicted the rise of transparent food production in 1995, takes a stab at big brand and media trends in the coming year and beyond.


On the road with Jack Kerouac, John Lennon and Andy Warhol

Zero Gravity Thinking founder Ian Mirlin opines on how iconic creatives from the 60s would see social media and “content.”


Killer apps: ads’ tech tipping point?

Strategy executive editor Mary Maddever on the app-ification of brands, and a new shopper-focused award show.


Next Big Things

From the app-ification of brands to adopting new technology to developing new partners, we look at what’s new and next in the marketing landscape.


Next Big Things: The new branded content

Brands like Nike, Subaru and Molson are building audiences – and their own media channels – through apps and games.


Next Big Things: New partners for a new reality

It’s a brave new digital world for brands, and they are increasingly looking to new partners for ideas and creative executions to navigate this new frontier.