Turning tables into touch pads

Think of the possibilities: make any surface interactive with XTouch.

and_youre_there_board - FINAL1

Aeroplan’s open door to vacation

As the travel reward space heats up, the Aimia-owned brand’s campaign touts the ease with which it gets people to their destinations.

google glass apps

Will new apps save Google Glass from doom?

Four new apps from CFC Media Lab and Mind Pirate may address the lack of content complaint for the device.


The Game of Thrones’ new app puts fans in the picture

Users can take a “selfie” on the Iron Throne with Bell Media’s campaign to promote the latest season.


From UGC to Hasselhoff and Subaru

Funny or Die’s Chris Bruss walks us through the site’s evolution to branded content ahead of his BCON chat.


Infographic: Mobile by the numbers

More than half of millennials use a smartphone while watching TV, but 84% browse unrelated content, and other interesting insights from a new study on mobile habits.


CASSIES Gold: Koodo’s branding keeps on winning

Thanks to quirky campaigns and memorable characters, the brand has seem consistent growth since its launch.

hearing test

Red Lion’s new revenue stream

The Toronto shop retains the IP rights for a client-developed hearing test app, allowing the agency to license it elsewhere.

apps photo

Apps to cozy up with

From coupon reinvention to making reposting pics easy, experts play brand matchmaker with apps you definitely need to know about.


Nymi bets on the heart(beat)

Can your pulse replace a password? This inexpensive wearable tech sure hopes so.

sound of music

Sizzling and fizzling trends

Bluetooth is hot. 3D printing is not. Who’d have thought? Experts weigh in on what’s on the rise versus the outs.

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Qriket pays consumers to view ads

The app tracks and shares 40% of its revenue from advertisers with its users, with clients paying for consumer opt-ins rather than for impressions.


Q&A: Juice Mobile CEO Neil Sweeney’s proximity plan

The mobile marketing company exec discusses how location-based advertising tech will help reshape shopper marketing programs.

discovery_android launches an app

The mobile solution allows users to view enhanced versions of retailers’ physical flyers, organize them by release date or alphabetical order and filter by retailer or store category.


Verdict: Toys ‘R’ Us’ magical toy book

The toy retailer unveiled an augmented reality cover for its annual catalogue to wow kids this holiday season.