VanCity wants to create a social solidarity economy

The finance co-op was enlisted to test social development performance indicators.


Companies are ready to invest in tech, despite a possible downturn

According to KPMG, web3 in particular is a big priority over the next two years.


Consumers are prioritizing thoughtful gifts over expensive ones

But Amex’s report finds Canadians are open to spending more for the right gift.


‘Clinically proven’ is a very attractive product claim

An FMCG Gurus report reveals that consumers are taking a more proactive approach to wellness.


There may be big holiday sales growth compared to pre-pandemic

However, Mastercard’s latest insights suggest electronics could struggle.

travel plane

Holiday travel is up, but marketers need to be aware of contradictions

Consumers are becoming more invested in travelling sustainably.


Two-thirds of Canadians are cutting back on gifts

Accenture’s holiday report finds a number of ways inflation is impacting spending habits.


P&G, PepsiCo command list of most-trusted brands

BrandSpark’s annual survey also finds inflation hasn’t impacted big brands’ ability to earn trust.


Study: CMOs and CFOs don’t see eye to eye in budgeting

Plus, five key prerequisites for getting budgets approved next year.


How Canadians spent their Thanksgiving dollars

Numerator data reveals big spikes in average promoted price across many categories.


Private label interest is booming

According to Caddle insights, amidst inflation, private label brands are seeing big spikes in search traffic.


Canadians report inflation will affect how they buy gifts

A CPA Canada study reveals 22% of shoppers are going into debt to spend.


One third of marketers are facing budget constraints

According to the Salesforce State of Marketing report, 72% of marketers are still investing in third-party data.


Strained workplace relationships add to mental health difficulties

Report: Nearly half of respondents said a changing culture increased levels of distrust.


Canadian holiday budgets exceed global counterparts

Insights from IBM also reveal that sustainable travel is becoming more of a priority.