Rising costs are putting non-essential purchases on hold

EY’s Future Consumer Index shows apparel, electronics and beauty will be hardest hit by shifting buying plans.


Store merchandise sales are bouncing back in a big way

Ed Strapagiel’s latest analysis reveals that while apparel is on fire, convenience channels are slumping.


Trust in big tech and CPG brands is dropping

The latest Gustavson Brand Trust Index shows data privacy and treatment of workers are having big impacts on perception.


Support for sustainable packaging is growing

Consumers are not just more conscious of packaging choices, but willing to pay more for greener options.


Over a third of Canadians ‘tune out’ sustainability messaging

Mintel research shows consumers struggle to understand which actions are impactful.


Canadians want brands to help them be more green

A survey finds consumers want to see action from companies and will reward those who support their own eco goals.


Marketers lack the confidence to use audience data effectively

However, at least half trust their abilities to measure ROI across digital channels.


Despite market issues, Canadian retailers expect to exceed revenue targets

Deloitte’s latest poll finds that retailers plan to continue increasing digital investment.


Black Canadians do not trust companies to handle racism

A Proof survey finds that the corporate sector has “work to do” when it comes to delivering on their commitments.


Shoppers Drug Mart, Sony named Leger’s Most Reputable brands

But the annual survey found reputation scores across sectors have taken a hit.


App-based banking is becoming more common

A survey by the Canadian Bankers Association shows clients are getting more comfortable with digital shifts.

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Partnerships may help customers navigate a new shopping world

According to a Mintel report, activations can also help shoppers deal with a wealth of choice and price concerns.


Big brands are losing ground on halal food

According to a Nourish Food Marketing report, halal consumers are more likely to buy from online and DTC sources.


Food trends for thought

A new McKinney report gives marketers a hint at opportunities worth pursuing for product development and food innovation.


Trust in advertising lower in Canada than most markets

Nielsen data shows mobile, display, search, social and influencer ads all flounder compared to personal recommendations.