Shopper Marketing


Quaker launches ‘Amazing’ CSR push

Quaker expects big results from its first in-store event fully integrated into a massive 360 campaign.


Focus and context are the new art and copy

Our Next Big Thing issue points the way to the future of advertising and marketing.

shawna weinman

Shawna Weinman joins Launch! as president

Former Cargo Cosmetics guru lands agency-side after 10 years on the client side.


DDB Canada unveils Shopper Marketing Division

Shopper DDB will be lead by new VP shopper marketing, Jason Dubroy.

Mike Britton, president, CIM

CIM and BDS produce North American presence

The two companies have established a partnership that will see them deliver integrated sales and marketing solutions across the continent.


SMF Day 2: Real world applications

Experts at the strategy-sponsored Shopper Marketing Forum talk Target’s arrival, P&G’s in-store philosophy and what brands can learn from NYC’s Duane Reade.


Shopper Marketing Forum: the experts weigh in

Industry pros such as Google’s Catherine Roe and Kraft Canada’s Melissa Martin talk shopper habits, journeys and motivations.


Winning by design

As Target and other U.S. stores expand into the Great White North, our annual design issue takes a retail focus to see who’s creating excitement in the aisles and how.


Designing a bulletproof retail experience

Gearing up for a U.S. store invasion calls for a strong arsenal. From retail design to shopper marketing, we investigate what counterattacks The Bay and Walmart have prepared, and nab some tips from the experts.


Marketer survey 2010

We’ve taken a fresh temperature read on the state of the marketing nation, and the results are in.


Drinking adrenaline from a fire hose

Columnist Tony Chapman reflects on the last whirlwind decade to try to divine what it will take to succeed in the next one.


The agency model

What will the future of our industry look like? We asked the experts for their predictions.


I miss the Cola Wars

Opening the April 2010 issue, executive editor Mary Maddever harkens back to a time of fiercer focus and more bloody-minded leadership.


‘Why can’t they be happy leaving things alone?’

As the March 2010 issue hits the stands, strategy executive editor Mary Maddever reflects on lessons learned from an agent of change.


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