Can you trust for great deals and an extremely accurate valuation of your vehicle? Yes. Yes, you can. The agency went to air with three commercials – including testimonials and spots spelling out the functionality of the client’s site.

The Indie List: doug&partners

Results through strategic input


Elemental believes the best work is done when collaborating
with clients. So much so that this is painted on the wall as a
focal point and reminder for everyone on the Elemental team.

The Indie List: Elemental

Applying a loyalty lens to building brands via emotional connection


Harkening back to Fisherman’s Friend’s iconic heritage, G&G leveraged the trope of tall fish tales.

The Indie List: Giants & Gentlemen

Entrepreneurial spirit that knows no bounds


Thanks in part to the out-of-this-world packaging design featuring an astronaut, Dayboil IPA became one of the province’s most popular brews the very month it launched. It also made celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with a quirky online campaign a no-brainer.

The Indie List: Ray

Forget the dog and pony show. This St. John’s agency gives you the straight goods


The Local Collective uses its social channels to prompt
response and to mirror cultural trends (thus the elephant
playtime post), which advances understanding and
insights as to what works in the space, versus the more
traditional approach of displaying office moments

The Indie List: The Local Collective

Your friendly (big-thinking, flexible and effective) neighbourhood creative agency



The 2020 Indie List

Despite industry consolidation trends, Canada’s independent agencies continue to thrive


To demonstrate the off-road capability of the new Subaru Outback, the campaign pitted it against the ultimate off-road explorer: a mountain goat.

The Indie List: Zulu Alpha Kilo

From blue chip to start-up clients, growth hasn’t changed what makes this shop a winner


Stories lead V3 featured image

Stories: A cultural mainstay for brands to master

Stories is a new medium that does more than help people share moments.


HSBC lead

HSBC Canada’s strategic and creative victory

A new approach puts a witty face on a global brand



YouTube Works for Canadian Brands

The inaugural 2019 YouTube Works Awards highlight smart creative that drives awareness and consumer action.


Lemieux Bédard’s expertise extends to the equally challenging animal pharma market too! Its campaign for Prascend used a smart quiz to increase awareness of an underdiagnosed equine disease.
It boosted sales by 37%.

The Pharma Report: Lemieux Bedard

How an independent voice in Montreal is making waves in healthcare.


“Lighter Blue” was a Cannes-winning social campaign that explained symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder and illustrated coping strategies with a touch of humour.

The Pharma Report: Klick Health

Creativity and innovation with a unique approach


Betadine’s gargle-y campaign eschewed cold sufferers for cold fighters, and in its first year took the number two position, accounting for an unheard of 90% of the category’s growth. In this spot, a barber fends off getting sick by gargling in the middle of a haircut.

The Pharma Report: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Get ready to shake up your category



The Pharma Report: Tank

The growing agency combines global capabilities with local expertise.


bottle with medical injection on a pink background.

Strategy’s Inaugural Pharma Report

Healthcare marketers are shifting strategies to meet the new pharma reality