Lemieux Bédard’s expertise extends to the equally challenging animal pharma market too! Its campaign for Prascend used a smart quiz to increase awareness of an underdiagnosed equine disease.
It boosted sales by 37%.

The Pharma Report: Lemieux Bedard

How an independent voice in Montreal is making waves in healthcare.


“Lighter Blue” was a Cannes-winning social campaign that explained symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder and illustrated coping strategies with a touch of humour.

The Pharma Report: Klick Health

Creativity and innovation with a unique approach


Betadine’s gargle-y campaign eschewed cold sufferers for cold fighters, and in its first year took the number two position, accounting for an unheard of 90% of the category’s growth. In this spot, a barber fends off getting sick by gargling in the middle of a haircut.

The Pharma Report: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Get ready to shake up your category



The Pharma Report: Tank

The growing agency combines global capabilities with local expertise.


bottle with medical injection on a pink background.

Strategy’s Inaugural Pharma Report

Healthcare marketers are shifting strategies to meet the new pharma reality



The Concierge Club invests in its brand ambassadors

Just as clients seek face-to-face consumer engagement, the experiential agency engages staff to foster community.



Why Canadian marketers are embracing programmatic

A focus on trusted partners and premium networks has helped quickly grow digital spend


Shiseido Makeup

Technology shapes the new beauty landscape

New chief growth officer says technology and tactical M&A will play major roles in driving Shiseido’s expansion.


Target’s geo-targeted mobile campaign for Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism delivered 800% more click-throughs than the industry benchmark, despite requiring two clicks. Targeting transit hubs and busy venues, this hugely successful campaign won Best of Show at the HSMAI / Adrian Awards in NYC, competing against over 40 countries in the ‘Oscars of travel and tourism’.

The Agency A List: Target

Being an outsider helps the agency see things differently


Guys don’t like to talk about prostate exams, but they do like to talk about sports, music and movies. So to get guys and doctors talking, McCann took the old latex exam glove and re imagined it as The Famous Fingers Collection: gloves modeled after the famous hands of Hall of Famers, musicians and superheroes. Because making it easier for guys to talk about prostate cancer just might save their lives.

The Agency A List: McCann

Helping brands play meaningful roles in people’s lives


Critical Mass created a social test drive – an interactive video experience simulating the feeling of driving the BMW 8 Series with a soundtrack composed from actual vehicle sounds. Instagram and Instagram story hacks let users exert control over the sound and lighting effects around the car as they tap through.

The Agency A List: Critical Mass

Focused on the customer


A giant Lego mural was set up at Toronto’s Union Station around Christmas that passersby could help build. The objective was to get Lego bricks into the hands of adults who never played with them as children to demonstrate the creativity and fine-motor-skill benefits.

The Agency A List: Initiative

The transforming Toronto agency is growing brands through culture


Through Snapchat AR, users could drop a digital model of a Ford EcoSport in their environments and take virtual interior/exterior tour.

The Agency A List: Mindshare

Eternal upstart maximizes its talent


Anomaly is working with Dosist to bring its measure-dose cannabis products to Canada.  The agency holds four patents on the product’s signature disposable pens.

The Agency A List: Anomaly

Living up to its name with innovation and insight


The Daruma is a Japanese tradition symbolizing perseverance and good luck for the mission ahead. This artifact, first introduced to BBR by its Toyota client, has come to represent the agency’s mission-driven mentality. BBR believes that to create work that truly changes the course of things for its clients, they must approach their mandates as missions. Because missions have a beginning and an end, they are solution-oriented and their success can be measured.

The Agency A List: Bleublancrouge

Ready for a global spotlight