Marketer Survey 2012

A year’s worth of insights gleaned straight from Canada’s top marketers.


2011 Marketer Survey

Our annual poll checks in on the state of the marketing nation, from budgets and stress to agency relationships.


The rise of shopper marketing

GlaxoSmithKline’s Nicole Rocheleau reflects on how the relatively new discipline cemented itself in the marketing mix this year.

patrick dickinson

Social media reigns

Patrick Dickinson, SVP of marketing, The Bay, reveals why many brands brought social media management in-house this year.

Angela Scardillo

Mobilizing mobile

Angela Scardillo, Best Buy’s VP of marketing and communications, explains why 2011 was the year the brand upped its game in mobile.


Last year’s top ad spenders

Who spent the most in 2010? We’ve got the stats by category and company.