CASSIES Bronze: Kokanee’s Peak Brew

The beer brand brewed batches using local snow, winning over western Canadian hearts.


CASSIES Bronze: Canadian Tire’s Maximum mural

The retailer used an an online campaign to show what its new power tool and accessory brand could do.


CASSIES Bronze: Bud Light lives it up

The beer brand targeted millennials through bigger, better life experiences.


CASSIES Bronze: Svedka looks to the future

The vodka brand’s “What If” campaign brought aspirational social moments to life.


CASSIES Bronze: McCain taps into foodie culture

The #Modifry campaign livened up McCain Superfries with fresh ideas on how to serve them.

DrySpray_CassieAwards_Artboard_Lowry Event 2

CASSIES Bronze: Unilever launches a new kind of deodorant

The #TryDry campaign took on white marks and sticky gels.


CASSIES Bronze: Oikos taps into its Greek roots

The brand used daydreams of Greece to fend off competitors in the crowded Greek yogurt category.

In Game

CASSIES Gold: The Raptors’ northern pride

“We The North” recast the Raptors and their fans as outsiders, to great effect.


CASSIES Bronze: Raising the Roof humanizes homelessness

The non-profit campaign had homeless people read cruel tweets.


CASSIES Bronze: Credit Counselling Society personifies debt

The non-profit made debt personal by showing how it feels to carry it around.


CASSIES Bronze: Arctic Gardens gets kids to eat their veggies

The brand modified its packaging, turning frozen vegetables into recipe ideas.


CASSIES Silver: Canadian Tire gives the unexpected

The retailer countered consumer perceptions by highlighting its range of products.


CASSIES Silver: Bell’s ‘Talk’ gets louder

The telecom and broadcast provider maintained its connection with consumers on mental health.


CASSIES Silver: LaPresse+ provides a new perspective

The newspaper finds success with its app by building on rituals and familiarity.


CASSIES Silver: Kraft Peanut Butter helps Canadians stick together

The peanut butter brand found a meaningful connection with dwindling family time.