Brand of the Year


2022 Brand of the Year: Mastermind Toys ups its game

How the toy and children’s book retailer strengthened its digital, cultural and marketing strategies.

Media Agency of the Year

Staff Photo - Starcom Worldwide  (NEW)

2022 Media AOY Gold: Starcom embraces the benefits of shared experience

To keep client relations strong, the agency went back to basics.

Staff Photo - Touche

2022 Media AOY Bronze: Touche drives innovation through data

Touche isn’t just adapting to innovations in media: it wants to lead them.

Staff Photo - PHD

2022 Media AOY Silver: PHD leads with purpose (and lots of good intel)

The agency has invested in senior-level expertise, data analysis and creative.

PR Agency of the Year

Staff Photo - No Fixed Address (New for 2022)

2022 PR AOY Bronze: No Fixed Address fuels quick expansion with entrepreneurial spirits

The agency says creating momentum begins with hiring top talent.

Staff Photo - Middle Child

2022 PR AOY Gold: Middle Child is disruptive by nature

The women-led agency has a saying: If the current model doesn’t fit, break it.

Digital Agency of the Year

Agency Group Photo - FCB

2022 Digital AOY Gold: FCB relies on co-creation to kickstart innovation

The agency has worked hard to avoid siloed offerings.

Staff Photo - McCann

2022 Digital AOY Silver: McCann flexes its creative muscle

The agency is thinking holistically about how brands can interact with consumers day to day.

Brand of the Year


2022 Brand of the Year: Heinz redefines what it means to be iconic

Never thought we’d say this, but we’re obsessed with ketchup this year.


2022 Brand of the Year: A re-education courtesy of the Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Through its research and community the non-profit uncovers stereotypes and shuts them down.


2022 Brand of the Year: Zabiha Halal succeeds through authenticity

The Maple Lodge Farm brand dominates by tapping the desires of an ever-evolving Muslim-Canadian consumer.


2022 Brand of the Year: BRP sells experiences, not products

How a maker of machines has become a storytelling powerhouse.

Design Agency of the Year

Staff Photo - lg2 (New - CMYK)

2022 Design AOY Silver: Lg2 won’t stray from its grand designs

The agency says empathy is integral to its creative work.

Staff Photo - CossetteSMALL

2022 Design AOY Bronze: Cossette emerges from a tumultuous year with several key wins

The agency is investing in making sure its talent is supported.

Small Agency Agency of the Year

Staff Photo - Daughter Creative

2022 Design & Small AOY Bronze: For Calgary’s Daughter, it’s all about the A-team

The agency’s superpower is finding emotional connection in its work.


2022 Small Agency AOY Gold: All-star, strategic-led talent keeps Broken Heart Love Affair punching above its weight

BHLA might be a young agency, but most of the talent arrived at the door with decades of experience.

Staff Photo - Wunder

2022 Small Agency AOY Silver: How (really) small agency Wunder is landing big brand work

United Way Halifax, Assante Wealth Management and Asana are among the agency’s clients.

Agency of the Year

Staff Photo - Rethink

2022 Agency of the Year Gold: Rethink – One Agency. So Many Awards

The agency also won Design Gold, PR Silver and Digital Bronze.

Staff Photo - BBDO

2022 Agency of the Year Bronze: BBDO thinks outside the brief

The agency knows its work will land when it’s informed strategically, and creatively brought to life.

Staff Photo - ZAK (NEW for 2022)

2022 Agency of the Year Silver: Zulu Alpha Kilo embraces the chaos (again)

The agency underwent massive expansion during the pandemic.


Indigo gets some of its best ideas from a 10,000-strong customer panel dubbed the “Indigo Innovators.” The intel has helped in the development of proprietary products like OUI, Nóta, The Littlest, Mini Maison and IndigoScents, as well as Love and Lore.

Indigo celebrates 25 years of curating a purposeful life

The bookstore has transformed itself into a comprehensive lifestyle brand that customers have come to love.



How consumers want to be marketed to this holiday season

Inflation, e-commerce and tone are all factoring into dashing through the sales.

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