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Fools rush in, where many fear to tread

Strategy content director and editor Jen Horn on why a brave (but measured) approach is best amid the hype of Web3.


Multi sports proud players collage on grand arena

Sports betting battle

A bill has passed and suddenly companies are rushing to build SportsBook brands in Canada’s new burgeoning (and highly-regulated) consumer market. Sound familiar? Think of single-event sports betting as the new cannabis.

Into the Metaverse


A reality check on the metaverse

Are we on the brink of a social media-level paradigm shift, or do expectations need to be brought back into the real world?

Events in the metaverse work if there is a sense of
authenticity and if they’re executed in a fantastical way, say experts; In true Nike and Gucci fashion, both brands dropped limited-edition goods.

The fundamentals of metaverse marketing

Whether you’re selling loot or opening digital bars, users still expect authenticity from their virtual worlds.

2022 Creative Report Card

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Creative Report Card 2022: Rethink’s big hairy audacious goals

How the agency pumps out work that gets noticed (and puts it at the top of the CRC).


Creative Report Card 2022: Dove broadens its expression of ‘Real Beauty’

How this year’s top brand adapted its core mission to a new reality.

AToMiC Awards


AToMiC 2022: Diversity takes centre stage

From beer to bikes, mass market brands address DEI in big-spending campaigns.

The Lost Tapes of the 27 Club - PSGP

AToMiC 2022: Seizing a moment

Bold and brave programs that tackle taboo subjects and spark change.

Cristiano Ronaldo Water Bottle - Image 1

AToMiC 2022: Hacking a moment

How marketers and creatives collaborate and act at the speed of light to hack the cultural zeitgeist.

ActToo - Image

AToMiC 2022: Phy-gital communities

Brands physically engage with consumers in a virtually distanced world.

Colours of Pride - Promo Image

AToMiC 2022: The power of design thinking

Reimagining iconic manuals and symbolic flags to address the world’s most complicated issues.


01-Old Retail Storefront

Canada’s store turns 100

As Canadian Tire has evolved from an auto store to a place where Canadians find everything, so too has its marketing.

The New Establishment


Janine Russell makes ATB Financial more agile

The scrum master sparked an entirely new way of working at the company.


Alicia Roberts opens doors for BIPOC at Cossette

The producer is playing an influential role from outside and inside the agency.

Oumaima Tahiri

Touche!’s Oumaima Tahiri’s fresh approach to media

How the media strategist helped client Mark’s from losing brand awareness.

2022 Creative Report Card

Top Campaigns

Creative Report Card 2022: Behind every great idea is a great backstory

In their own words, Canada’s top creatives share what went into campaigns that won big.


Creative Report Card 2022: Get to know the top creatives

Almost everything you need to know about Rethink’s Mike Dubrick, Zachary Bautista, Geoff Baillie and Erin Maguire.

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