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Natrel 1

Natrel opens a Milk Bar

The brand brings its focus on product innovation to retail with a flagship coffee shop in Montreal.


CASSIES Silver: Oka’s dual-market strategies

The brand took a two-pronged approach to break into Ontario and also reposition itself in Quebec as a daily cheese.


Natrel finds a festive face

As part of the brand’s first-ever holiday push, Santa Claus gets a close-up on a milk carton.


Natrel’s charming play

How is the Agropur line gaining double-digit growth in an in-decline market? With diverted budgets, expanded distribution and now an improvised digital-only push.


Ryvita’s holiday pairing push

The seven-week campaign for the crispbread includes a partnership with the LCBO and Metro to target a younger demo.

ULTIMA FOODS - Canadian launch of iögo from Ultima Foods

Verdict: Iogo saves the day

Ultima Food CEO Gerry Doutre chats about launching a brand at lightning speed.


Agropur asks if you’ve seen them

The dairy cooperative is promoting with a new OOH and print campaign in Toronto and Vancouver.