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Is at-home fitness still relevant?

From the C-Suite newsletter: To hold their ground post-pandemic, brands like Peloton and Mirror should avoid mimicking gyms.


How brands can avoid the greenwashing trap

Some companies are showing a genuine desire to make an impact, even if it means being painfully honest about the hurdles.

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Eco Brand Watch: Henry of Pelham

From the C-Suite newsletter: How (and why) the brand spent years weaving sustainable practices into its messaging.


Men and women don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to DE&I

There’s still an awareness gap in understanding discrimination, finds the CMA.

Allbirds store

Why Allbirds is finally coming to Canada

The footwear co. will let ambassadors use its stores for their own endeavours, which will then build a community around the brand.


RBC, TD and Lululemon among most valuable brands

Once again, the financial institutions and apparel brand landed in Kantar’s top 10 lists for their sectors.


View from the C-Suite: Johanna Andren moves IKEA away from tactics and toward brand-building

The retailer now has a greater balance between long-term and short-term communications, says the head of marketing.


Lessons from a media leader turned tech consultant

In an exclusive column for strategy, Alex Panousis shares decades of observations around what makes a digital leader.


Indigo’s dramatic profit pivot is marked with digital best practices

On the eve of its 25th birthday, the retailer’s chief tech exec shares how it turned its business around after two years of plummeting revenue.


If CMOs value innovation, why are so few good at it?

Dentsu found that there are too many internal challenges to keep pace, among other things keeping marketers up at night.

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WeCook’s ready-to-eat is ready to expand

The category is booming as consumers look for “prepared meals delivered to their home, like a restaurant, only less expensive.”


This is not your father’s condom brand

From the C-Suite newsletter: How two women entrepreneurs are tackling hypermasculinity with upstart Jems.

Diana Frost

Why Kraft Heinz made Diana Frost its head disruptor

The new CMO shares how the company is “breaking plates” and no longer looking for perfection.

Corner Office Shifts

Corner Office Shifts: Miele hires former L’Oreal marketer

Plus, Fresh City moves its CMO into newly created CTO role, and OK Tire gets a new president and CEO.

Firebelly 5

David Segal takes another swing at tea

The founder of DavidsTea is back in business with Firebelly, taking some lessons from his original brand.