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Goemans has a good time with bad people

The appliance retailer aims to shake up its brand image by showing how faulty appliances can make people lose their cool.

CG New Logo_Canaccord_Genuity

Canaccord Genuity unveils its brand refresh

The financial services firm is making a “significant” investment to get the word out about a new, more impactful identity.


Why Jack Astor’s spent its summer working on the patio

The restaurant chain has sought to give people fun reasons to come back, and now it’s putting a focal point of its campaign on tour.


Reddit puts local passions on display

The Canadian portion of the “Find Your People” campaign spotlights communities most relevant to four different cities.


The Big Quit

How marketers and advertisers are combatting turnover by reimagining the future of work.


CAA shows gratitude for being named Canada’s most trusted brand

A chapter of the auto club is reflecting its relationship with members through simple gestures.


Easy Financial looks to its customers’ future

The nonprime lender positions itself as a company that helps average Canadians build long-term stability.


OCA focuses on the simple things

The organization representing Ontario chiropractors tries to show that chronic pain shouldn’t be a normal part of life.


Diabetes Canada strikes a new path

The organization rebrands and launches a new platform to invigorate its messaging and mission.


Giant Tiger tackles the holidays

The retailer continues its national approach with a new holiday campaign targeting moms.


ACE Bakery goes mass

After months of consumer research, the bread brand launches its first campaign in 23 years.


Giant Tiger goes national

To promote three new fashion lines and remind shoppers about its products, the retailer is taking to TV with its first-ever mass-market push.

EBBR16102 Peoples Choice 24x36 Poster.indd

Check it out: Mucho Burrito gets election fever

The QSR lets fans fight dirty to determine which limited-time product returns.


UNICEF shows you the reality

A new VR film series brings donors into the lives of the children they’re helping.


SickKids unpauses the lives of patients

A new fundraising campaign shows what happened to the hospital’s patients featured in last year’s “Better Tomorrows.”