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Should agencies stop pitching?

Why Couleur Locale’s Dominique Trudeau released a manifesto stating he would no longer pitch for business.

The Blinds (2)

On simplifying complexity

Dominique Trudeau on returning to a simpler time and finding truth in advertising.


When David kicks Goliath’s behind

Dom Trudeau’s bedtime story for advertising moguls on the threat from tiny agencies.


Modern advertising alchemy

Dom Trudeau’s essay on the exquisite and extremely delicate art of turning lead into gold.


Rethinking the keyboard

Take inspiration from this reinvention of an everyday object: The Minuum could change the way we type.


How to reinvent the wheel in three easy steps

Dom Trudeau says read only half the book, set paper on fire and break the rules.

Making love last: Advice for the jaded shopper marketer

Industry experts channel Dear Abby to weigh-in on data sharing and successful re-packaging.

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Need for change

Couleur Locale’s Dom Trudeau’s call to action: disrupt everything. Innovate yourself. Change things like tomorrow depends on it.

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Dominique Trudeau launches his own shop

The former Taxi Montreal ECD has kicked off Couleur Locale with an inaugural client list that includes Monsieur Felix & Mr. Norton and Raymond Chabot.


Taxi Montreal hires new ECD

Palm + Havas’ VP/CD Pascal De Decker will join the Quebec shop in September, replacing Dominique Trudeau, who departed in May.

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Dominique Trudeau leaves Taxi

The agency’s former Montreal ECD confirms he’s no longer working there.

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Shine or bust: Advice for winning awards

Leo Burnett’s Judy John, Taxi’s Dominique Trudeau and JWT’s Martin Shewchuk offer words of wisdom on how to bring home the hardware.


Back Page: The year of the app

Dominique Trudeau, ECD at Taxi Montréal, gives us a sneak peek of what we can expect to see on smartphones in the south of France this summer.


Taxi takes a stand against potholes

The agency’s Montreal office has created an iPhone app that acts as a warning system for drivers.