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Guru is planting an idea about better-for-you energy drinks

The plant-based brand is putting its new tropical flavour front and centre with a contest played by scanning garden tags.

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Guru is looking to score with its organic push

The energy drink’s national campaign plays on its plant-based ingredients, a natural differentiator in the category.


Guru aims for the energy drink summit

The plant-based brand is expanding distribution to ski resorts to increase trial and reach active people outside Quebec.


Guru teams up with a Quebec reality show

The energy drink is reaching out to outdoor enthusiasts and fans of the hit show, Occupation Double.

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How Guru is continuing growth in convenience

The plant-based energy drink is launching an extensive campaign to secure more space in a high-growth channel.


How Guru Energy is taking on the mainstream

The organic-focused Quebec player is innovating with ingredients to take on the Red Bulls of the world.