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The myth of the second screen

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette argues the term second screen is flawed because consumers aren’t married to any particular form of screen.

Max Valiquette

Consumerology: Selling asset-light

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette looks at the need for brands to adapt from selling goods to selling services.

Max Valiquette

Consumerology: Don’t tweet angry

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette muses on how brands should respond (or not respond) to angry social media rants.


3D printing goes mainstream

The industry weighs in on how agencies and brands are using the tech now, and how they may use it in the future.


Dear Banana Republic, it’s not me, it’s you

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette ends his long-term relationship with the clothier for losing sight of itself.


3D printing revolution is here

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette muses on why marketers need to take note of the rapidly growing technology.


On tacos and fashion

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette muses on what shopper marketers can learn from the unlikeliest of pairings.


Instagram & Pinterest insider intel

Industry experts weigh in on how brands can best take advantage of the latest social media trends.


Facebook, shopper marketing and you

In his column this month, Max Valiquette from Bensimon Byrne looks at the opportunities of the social network at shelf level.


Canadians favour online customer service

In this month’s Consumerology, Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette examines why retailers need to make CS top-of-mind.


Customer service: Front-line or last line?

In this month’s Consumerology, Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette looks at the changing face of CS reps in an online world.


You’ve got retail: The online subscription service

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette looks at why marketers shouldn’t ignore the shopping method, which will soon enter the Canadian market.


Viddy, Socialcam and YouTube tee off

New video-sharing mobile apps are gaining ground, but are they going to usurp YouTube’s shining star in the video space? We asked a few industry pundits to weigh in.


Consumerlogy: Defending the indefensible – the QR code

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette finds shopper marketing hope in oft-poorly used black-and-white dots.


Consumerology: Look to those most immersed in social network for future

Bensimon Byrne’s Max Valiquette says Canada’s most engaged social media users want more discounts and coupons.