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Roots hits the skies with Air Canada

Inside the retailer’s holiday travel strategy.


Roots strikes a different chord

The latest “#sweatstyle” campaign adds more digital and experiential elements as the brand maintains its support of Canadian musicians.


Roots adds some international flair

Why the Canadian brand flew to Taiwan to create its spring campaign.


Roots sells majority stake

Co-founders remain with the iconic Canadian company as it looks to fuel expansion here and abroad.


Launch*pad takes off

A new agency from Chris Hadfield’s son and a former Saatchi CEO looks to help Canadian businesses compete internationally.


Trend alert: brands get crafty

An anthropological guide for brands getting into handcrafted messaging.

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Throwback Thursday: strategy in 2001

For our 25th anniversary, we’re travelling through time. In ’01, the economy posed a challenge and John St. was born.


Roots and Coupland, redux

Following a successful 2010 promotion, the retailer and author have partnered again on a custom collection.

spring cleaning

Uber and Roots partner for spring cleaning

The taxi service and clothing brand will pick up your old clothes for donation with a click of a button.

Roots Root#323D58

Getting back to its Roots

Canadian clothing company Roots turns 40 this year, and we map out its journey to icon status.


Target to bring Archer Farms, Market Pantry and Up and Up to Canada

The retail giant is set to compete with the likes of Loblaw and Sobey’s through its private label grocery and household lines.


Breakout social media site of the year: Pinterest

The image-sharing website took the Internet by storm in 2012.


Travel Alberta and Roots team up

The newly rebranded tourism co collaborates with the clothing brand in its new holiday campaign.